Safety Is No Accident

Safety isn’t just a number to us, it’s about our people getting home safely to their families alive and uninjured. Our goal of Zero Injuries is supported by ongoing safety training, regular job site audits, a dedicated Safety Team, and top-down accountability throughout our organization.

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Craft Workers & Team Members Dedicated to Safety

Safety Programs

Our safety programs are constantly evolving – scaling beyond just physical safety practices to also address focus, complacency and mental health – ultimately driving towards a culture of zero injuries on every project.

These are just some of our safety programs:
  • Safety Orientation
  • Daily Safety Planning/Job Hazard Analysis
  • Team Empowerment & Stop Work Authority for Unsafe Conditions
  • Drug Testing
  • Weekly Toolbox Talks & Safety Huddles
  • Safety Meetings & Standups
  • Weekly Safety Inspections/Audits
  • Dedicated Safety Team
  • Real-Time Safety Tracking – EHS System
  • Site Specific Safety Training
  • Ongoing & Annual Safety Training
  • Stretching Programs
  • Mental Health Services
  • Near Miss Preventive Discussions
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Recognition Programs
  • Reporting & Leadership Involvement

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