Block 9 Tower

Block 9 is an 18-story mid-rise, mixed-use tower in the heart of downtown Fargo. The 234 feet tower transformed the downtown skyline as the tallest building in Fargo, just 9 feet shy of the state capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota’s tallest building. What once was a 48,000 square foot surface-level parking lot quickly grew into the 290,000 square foot facility which includes headquarters for hundreds of team members of R.D. Offutt Company, ground floor retail, a boutique hotel, restaurant and residential condominiums, and a 149,000 square foot parking ramp.

Scope of Work

Our team provided all civil, electrical and distribution systems for the project as well as preparing the core and shell for tenant fit-out. Our ArchKey Technologies team completed all tele/data and cabling for the core and shell fit-out as well.

Communication with other trades was imperative and constant because of an aggressive timeline and tight spaces between floors. BIM played a critical role in collision avoidance and efficiently planning-out the above-ceiling space. In addition to collaborating via shared virtual model, the electrical, mechanical and sprinkler fitting teams conducted a biweekly one-hour meeting to coordinate tasks and workflow.

A unique electrical load metering system was designed specifically for Block 9 and was integrated into the building management system allowing power usage to be monitored per system, not just structure zones. Electrical loads for exterior lighting, interior lighting, receptacles, HVAC and more are measured separately to deliver big picture energy usage. Branch circuit wiring passes through a current metering transformer as it leaves each panel. With each floor more likely than not to have multiple panels, and each panel feeding multiple branch circuits, the complexity builds quickly. But Block 9 managers will have a granular view of where their power is flowing.

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