Butler Square Refresh

The Butler Square Atrium renovation included 30,000 square feet of renovation to this 9-story, historic office complex. The project consisted of complete removal and replacement of the ground floor tile pavers, two new shower rooms, first-floor conference room, restrooms, and private tenant lounge featuring a spiral staircase.

Scope of Work

As part of this design-build project team, we provided early engineering/BIM/VDC designs and participated in the replacement of all first and second-floor corridor atrium lighting replacing all existing fluorescents and high-pressure sodiums with LED. The team also added power to the new stage and integral step and rail lighting to the circular staircase as well as conference room lighting. An added feature included the use of color-changing spotlights on the artwork as well as the glider located in the front atrium and color-changing lights in the restrooms – all of which can be controlled by the building managers through a phone app.

Sustainability was a large focus of this project. The use of LED lights is far more sustainable than the use of fluorescent lights in the space. LED lights last longer and are more efficient compared to their fluorescent counterparts. On average, LEDs last anywhere from 25K – 200K hours (depending on the amount of use) compared to 7K – 15K hours of fluorescent. So not only are you saving by not having to replace the lights as often, but they also have reduced maintenance than fluorescents once installed. Additionally, LEDs use about half the wattage of fluorescent lights using about 6 watts of power versus 14. Additionally, the use of occupancy sensors further contributed to the sustainability goal, ensuring that energy use was minimized while a space was not in use. Our electrical team has been the primary contractor with Butler Square for the past 25 years and have an institutionalized knowledge of the building that allows us to complete projects faster and more efficiently than most.

ArchKey Technologies completed audio visual, wireless, and network infrastructure solutions for the conference room to make it more interactive with the trending technology at the time. This included webcams, 3 – 86” display screens, sound-enhancing speakers, and wireless connectivity.

These solution enhancements allow a presenter to engage with live and virtual audiences, with the ability to move freely throughout the space as well as using AVB beam tracking microphones and speakers to not only mask background noise but pick up audio from anywhere within the room. This ensures that whether participants are joining in-person or remotely, users can collaborate as if they were right next to each other.

Additionally, occupancy sensors trigger the system so that as soon as an individual walks into the room, the system begins powering up. Once the occupants leave and the sensors remain untriggered, the system powers down. Further use of technology allows users to schedule meetings, book the conference room on their own, and see what is taking place live – all from the wireless Crestron control panel and display screen.


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