Itasca Solar Farm – U.S. Solar

The U.S. Solar Itasca project is a 2-MW solar array and 1-MW/2.5-MWh battery on city-owned land near the Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport. The energy produced by the solar panels can be stored in the adjacent battery to be dispatched during times of high energy demand or when the sun is not shining. The solar array will include single-axis trackers and bifacial modules which significantly increase the efficiency of the solar array.

Environmental benefits to the local community extend beyond the increase in carbon-free, renewable energy. US Solar plans to install a diverse mix of pollinator-friendly, low lying, deep-rooted plants throughout the array. This native pollinator habitat supports bees, butterflies and other local wildlife. This vegetation has also been proven to decrease stormwater runoff and improve the quality of soil, water and air.


Grand Rapids
, MN


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